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Freon Leak Air Conditioning

Keeping it cool all summer long




Beat the summer heat with a properly working air conditioning system. Get your A/C checked out before summer starts or bring it in any time it gives you trouble during the warm weather months.

Don't sweat out an entire summer in a sweltering car and instead turn to the pros at Northfield Auto Care to make sure that air conditioning runs right at all times. There's no sense driving in heat when you don't have to.

If your A/C stops blowing out cold air, you may need a simple Freon recharge that gets air flowing again and keeps you comfortable.

Let us check for leaks in your A/C belts and hoses to make sure your Freon stays where it belongs and works like it should.

A buildup of bacteria in your evaporator may lead to odd smells from your A/C. Bring your car in for a cleanup today.